A solid foundation for your investment portfolio. Index funds are ideal for those who want to invest but don't have the time or inclination to track the markets themselves. They allow you to focus on your goals while your investments automatically grow.

Index calculation methods

Arithmetic mean method

It is convenient because it allows you to quickly respond to strong price fluctuations. This method has a significant drawback - lack of balance.

Unweighted arithmetic mean method

For this method, a variety of weighing methods are used, which allows you to achieve accurate results.

Weighted geometric mean method

The method is suitable for an index with many shares that differ greatly in value. This method helps to objectively calculate the quote.

Unweighted geometric mean method

To calculate this method, the company’s total capitalization ratio is additionally taken.

5 reasons to choose indexes

# 01

Predictability Indexes with a dominant exposure to a particular sector will tend to react accordingly.

# 02

Lower risks than individual stocks When investing in a wide range of companies through a single asset, even if the shares of one or more companies decline, the index as a whole may still rise.

# 03

Convenience There is no need to waste extra time selecting stocks on your own.

# 04

Buy more, explore less The opportunity to earn money without the need to analyze the performance of individual companies.

# 05

Более низкие затраты Trading indexes can be more cost-effective than buying several individual stocks.

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