A new asset, which, however, has already proven itself to be a breakthrough technology. Long-term investing in cryptocurrency involves purchasing it and storing it for a long period of time.

It is also possible to trade on price movements - this way you will make a profit regardless of whether the value of the asset rises or falls.


Despite its short history,
CRYPTOCURRENCIES are a proven and profitable way to invest and earn money.

Early 2024 in the USA

Bitcoin ETFs have been approved, meaning the top cryptocurrency is now used in an actively traded investment product that is common to many individual investors' portfolios.

5 reasons to choose cryptocurrency

# 01

Commissions Average transaction fees on crypto exchanges remain lower than bank transfer fees.

# 02

Full control over your funds Thanks to decentralization, government agencies cannot manipulate the value of cryptocurrencies as they have no control over them.

# 03

Transaction speed Cryptocurrency transactions can be completed in minutes.

# 04

Availability Anyone can trade cryptocurrency – all you need is a computer or smartphone and an internet connection.

# 05

Safety A third party will not be able to appropriate funds without access to the private key of your crypto wallet.

Popular currency pairs

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