Акция действует до 31-го декабря 2021 года
Предложение бонуса может быть прекращено ранее, в случае превышения запланированного количества запросов на него.

Our bonuses

PARADTRADE has prepared bonuses for its clients. According to the terms of this promotion, for each deposit, the client may receive a bonus to his trading account.

How does it work?

You open a trading account
Replenish your account 3 times, for example, $500
For each deposit you get $125 (25%)
You have $1,875 credits, which you may use to trade or withdraw

Bonus calculation

Enter your initial trading account deposit amount and get a calculation of your possible personal bonus

Amount of replenishment

Calculation table

  • from $500 to $999 25%
  • from $1,000 to $4,999 50%
  • from $5,000 to $9,999 75%
  • more than $10,000 100%

Calculation results

625 arrow icon GET BONUSES

How to get a bonus?

It is necessary to agree with the account manager. The bonus is credited after the account is replenished.