Forex (foreign exchange market)

The largest financial market in the world. It involves the purchase/sale of various currencies in order to make money by changing the exchange rate of these currencies.

Where does trade take place?

The foreign exchange market does not have a specific trading platform, such as stock and commodity exchanges. Regional markets are used to carry out transactions for the purchase/sale of currencies. The most significant of them: Asian, European, American, Pacific.

Trading on this market can be carried out around the clock via the Internet. But it is worth considering that there are exceptions: weekends and holidays.

Forex participants

There are four main groups of trading participants in the Forex market:

Example of a trade deal

$ 5 000

The trader has $5,000 in his account. He noticed that the EUR/USD pair began a downward movement.


The trader decides to sell 1 lot for 1.3910, and the quote drops to 1.3760 within a day. The trader exits the trade and takes profit

$ 1 500

The trader receives a profit of 150 points (1.3910-1.3760). 1 point = 10 dollars. Profit is $1,500 within 24 hours.

Heat map of currencies

Technical analysis EURUSD

5 reasons to trade currency pairs

# 01

Possibility to start with a small amount You can trade on the foreign exchange market with a minimum deposit of $100.

# 02

Flexibility The market is open 24 hours a day, 5 times a week. Choose the time that suits you by making trades during the Asian, European, American or Australian sessions.

# 03

Great profit potential Prices of currency pairs are constantly moving - and this is a chance to catch enough pips to make a profit. Even a downward trend gives you the opportunity to make money by selling a currency pair.

# 04

High liquidity In Forex, you will be able to open and close trades without delay, since you will always find a suitable order, which is especially important for a scalping strategy.

# 05

Availability Having the Internet and a smartphone or laptop is all you need to trade in real time from anywhere in the world.

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