Assets in raw materials that are used in industry and traded on world exchanges. They are among the most widely traded commodities and price changes have a global impact.

Main categories of the commodity sector:

It is common among traders to trade financial contracts based on commodity prices, known as derivatives.

Futures contracts are the most popular, but traders can also trade through commodity spot prices and options.

5 reasons to choose commodity assets

# 01

High stability Commodities are assets with a long history, have long been used in trading and are well understood.

# 02

Low risk Trends in commodity assets tend to be long-lasting, making the commodities sector suitable for novice traders.

# 03

Insurance for fixed assets Commodities have a negative correlation with the stock market, which helps support holdings when stocks decline.

# 04

Security in uncertain times During inflation, when the economy declines, prices of goods usually rise. In addition, gold is known as a “safe haven” asset for traders.

# 05

Growing demand With the expansion of industry and population, the demand for raw materials is constantly increasing.

Popular Commodity Assets

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