Stock Index

this is a price quote for certain stocks that are included in this index. According to the index, you can predict a further decrease / increase in the value of securities that are included in it

Index calculation methods

The arithmetic mean method
It is convenient because it allows you to quickly
respond to strong fluctuations
in the cost. This
has a significant drawback
- lack of balance.
Unweighted arithmetic mean

This method uses
a variety of weighting methods
to achieve
accurate results
Weighted geometric mean

The method is suitable for an index with many
stocks that differ greatly in value
. This method helps
to calculate objectively quote
Unweighted geometric mean

To calculate this method
the coefficient
of the company's total capitalization is additionally taken

World stock indices

Each country has its own index, and there may be more than one. Below are several different indexes from different countries:


the main stock index of the Russian Federation.
First registered in 1995. The index
covers such giants as: Gazprom, Sberbank,
LUKOIL, Rostelecom, MTS and so on.
Nikkei 225

one of the largest Japanese stock indices.
Established in 1950 by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It covered many Japanese companies from
various industries (glass, rubber, engineering, etc.).

the most important German stock index,
considered one of the largest in Germany. It was created in 1988.
Many leading German companies are covered
by this index. For example, Adidas, Deutsche Bank,
BMW, etc.
Dow Jones Industrials

one of the oldest US market indices.
The first version of the index appeared back in 1884.
At the moment, Dow brings together 30 largest
US companies.